As a skilled and seasoned marketer, business writer, graphic designer and manager, I seek to secure a position which will utilize all my skills to help companies or agencies improve their sales, services, outreach or donations. I am particularly adept at conception and writing of consumer, business-to-business, non-profit marketing materials.

My "marketing communication" skills developed (evolved?) as did my computer design skills–both on Mac and PC. Those of us who've been doing this for years might remember "Ventura Publisher." I cut my PC design skills on that venerable but flawed PC platform. But my skills truly took flight when I became one of the "charter" Mac users in 1984...using the 1.1 version of PageMaker by Aldus. Even though the first Mac had only 16 fonts and NO HARD DRIVE, I still managed to design, write, edit and publish a national labor relations newsletter.

My innate writing skills developed at the same time and along-side my computer design skills...soon merging into one single, integrated process. Now I find it not only "natural" but "automatic"...even "necessary" to write and design complex documents each at the same time. Call it "WritingDesign" if you will.

Excellent writing, as it must, encompasses not only creativity but precision. I am an extremely fast and correct typist, grammarian, editor and proof-reader.